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Fortune Days

"Enjoy even the smallest things in life."
Nii, miähän lupailin sitä Liebester awardia? 
Well..Here it comes!


>What is a Liebster award?
The Liebster Award is basically an award that is given to blogs with less than 200 followers to help promote the bloggers nominated.

The Rules
1. Nominees must link back the person who nominated them.
2. Once nominated you must write 11 random facts about yourself.
3. You must also answer the 11 questions from the person that has nominated you.
4. Last but not least, come up with 11 questions to ask the 11 people you have nominated for the Liebster Award.

ISO KIITOS Virtue To Vice:lle!


11 random facts 
1. I LOVE to make up, for fun. :3

2. I absolutely love coffee :3

3. Music is my life ~   ♫ ♥

4. I have been redhead for a year now, and I couldn't think any other color to me anymore! :D

5. I'm really social and willing to serve -kind of person, that's why I love working as a hairstylist!

6. I'm a HUGE fantasynerd!

7. When I'm in a bad mood I get pissed of by the most smallest things (like someone  blocking my way, saying something with a wrong voice tune, messy room etc.)... 

8. I have a black cat with a supercute white paws. :33

9. I love our xbox and I play almost everyday! :p

10. I have a bridge-piercing and I got my toungue pierced too. I also have one 14mm ear extension on both of my ears. :3 

11. I usually don't subcribe channels in youtube, but 'cause of my little brother I started subcribing PewDiePie. Me and my brother watch his videos everyday and he makes us laugh so hard. Even though he's really popular in youtube, he's still one of the best youtubers I've ever seen. :3 


Questions from Virtue To Vice

1. What is your favourite band?  
- I'd say Summoning or Behemoth, they're both pretty unique and I listen them really really much allmost everyday. (ofc it depends what kind of day  I do have.)

2. Your favourite piece of clothing? 
-That's a way too hard guestion to answer. Actually I don't have that "favorite piece of clothing", but I usually make my look 'interesting' with different kinds of makeup and hairlooks. :D 

3. What four things do you hate the most?
- People who talk shit and make others life hard on purpose.
- People who make fun of other people 'cause they're different.
- Spiders and bees (I'm allergic to bees...)
-People who think they know everything and think they're alrays right.

4. What is/was your strongest subject at school?
- English, Arts and Finnish (creative writing mostly)

5. What is your favourite food?
- Umm... something spicy or exotic.

6. What do you do in your spare time?
- Spend time with my brother, friends and boyfriend. Listen to music and other stuff like that.

7. Do you read a lot?
- Actually no, I'd love to but I'm too lazy to start.. :D

8. What website do you visit the most?
- Youtube and Facebook I'd say. (Don't we all? :D)

9. What kind of music can't you stand?
- Hiphop/Rap. I don't know why, but it drives me crazy. 

10. What's your favourite movie?
- There's too many of them. Lord Of the Rings -movies have always been my favorites.

11. Which ones are better: cats or dogs?
- Both are ok, but I'm more of a cat person :3 


Questions from me

1. Your favorite TV-show?
2. Do you have any pets? :33
3. How long do you spend time in front of the mirror in a day? 
4. What kind of a phone you have?
5. Can you play any instrument? (Not "Yes I mouth" haha :D)
6. What music you can't stand?
7. How you would describe yourself with three words?
8. What bad habits do you have? 
9. Do you have more boy- of girlfriends?
10. What do you love to do? (sing/dance/draw etc..)
11. What haircolor you like? (on you, or others :p) 


Ketään en nimeä tälläkertaa, kysymykset saa toki napata mieluusti! :)
Hyvää viikonloppua teille (:

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